Twitter Blue can grow your followers in a day! Hoax or not?

Arfiana Maulina
3 min readJun 21, 2023

600+ Followers in a day? Twitter is ESSENTIAL for game developers, journalists, and a variety of other professionals. Let me tell you HOW, MY, EXPERIMENT, GOES:

Before and After (the blue marks is gone since I am no longer of their subscribers)

Remember, social media is meant to be social, which means you need to have some interesting interactions with them but in some manner. Why? every social media has its own culture. Same as Twitter which keep update and looks like they are always debating the pros vs. cons opinion dealing with likes and retweet.

The recipe: In twitter all you need to do is to craft a short copywriting with A-I-D-A methods or Keep It Simple and Short (KISS).

First, see the temper or emotions or the topic and feel it. What are the netizen opinion about one topic? and boom write the summary of their opinion with the addition of your opinion and craft it with the good words. From my experience, it tastes like a BOOM likes.

Second, join the threads. Jump into the convo in the threads while soft-promoting your product. Remember it must be SOFT do not post anything like hard-selling or pictures or you might get reported for it. For example, write your product on your name or put the image on the profile, or you can pin it on your profile.

Third, joining the trends. These classical methods make me reach my first 7k+ likes! see the trending keyword, OR you can change your Twitter country to another country to see the trend, and you can use VPN to experiment with some tweets if you market your product to another country.

Fourth, from TikTok to Twitter especially those “fess” account like a viral buzz and source of opinion makers. Make a viral TikTok and let the netizen make a fess on Twitter. Or, promote your product using Ads or Fess.

Fifth, Twitter topics are like FYP somehow. Ensure you do some strategy like always using specific keywords in your account even without a hashtag. Twitter is very sensitive to keywords. Once you added to a topic, your words is influencing others. For example, I am talking about LinkedIn then I will use LinkedIn in every tweets or most of it, if you talked about gamedev then you do.

In addition, always keep interacting with other features like space and search your brand or name to monitor where they mention you, and being active in replying is important. Another thing, I see Twitter Blue speed up in doing all the steps I mentioned above. Maybe the Blue Marks shape our opinion stronger as ‘valid’. As a netizen, we must be careful and always see that this Twitter Blue means nothing if it is speed hoax like one of the hoax-news media trending recently.

Written by Arfiana Maulina, A Marketer and sharing her life with 70K+ followers on TikTok and 40K+ on Instagram @ arfianamaulina. Follow me to keep up with my experiments!



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