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2 min readNov 8, 2022

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Update 0.1

“Starting a Social Media account”

When finding what’s the right Social Media for your account. It is important to understand “Who” you will talk to. Now, how?

STEP 1: Understanding your target audience If you take a look at User Persona, I do some research about it and how a person can relate to the other person. That is why if your Business Mentor or Creative person said “Uh, your content should relate to others”. Believe me, every person is unique but we are living under the same roof under the sun. The environment must be not that different and we are involved in each other life.

Now, create your User Persona by conducting research on your game, for example:

  • Finding the right benchmark Most of the creative people I know, believe nothing is Original, nothing new, maybe it is already there but the strategy is different.
  • Read the comments on Steam/Itch Finding the Unique Selling Proposition and finding the SWOT of your inspiration model is important when defining what is your game and who will be your target market.

After knowing what is the user’s “ Expectations”, make it work through your product. Make it “different” by supplying it to your demand. After creating your User Persona through this research by rating in the store, comments, and social media. Now, choose the right Social Media by understanding each algorithm.

  • If you are looking for organic impressions through activities and engagement such as sharing, commenting, and likes: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook have similar algorithms in your timeline.
  • If you are looking to make more out of your single-short video to cross-channel post: Tiktok and Instagram will make a difference. However, taking note that different platforms might have different users, preparing different content would be helpful to maximize its growth.

Choose the one that fits your user persona. Is Twitter more than Instagram for Gamers? Not that much, sometimes the Art and Visual would help boost if you post it on a Visually oriented platform such as Instagram or Tiktok. Somehow, Twitter might be useful to share Memes and GIFs.

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