How I am achieve 16 Companies at the age of 19 ?

Arfiana Maulina
6 min readJul 27, 2022

Sour and salt, sweet and spice story should be heard. How can a girl who has locked in a class by her friends, the victim of bullying and toxic-cultured broken home with financial issue because of a con-man. And this girl named Arfiana being able to break the limit.

Pic Explanation: Working in Akasha, Kalibrr, Bitlabs, Keyta, PermataBank; Meeting with Indonesian goverment and minister representatives for AYIC 2022; Going to Google to promote our Game studio for IGSI


If somebody asked “how can Arfiana achieve all of that at the age of under 20?” strictly saying Hard work, Paid off the consistency given of all the process is matters. Back when I was in the elementary school, the good old Blackberry days. As the victim of bullying and after the school has ended, I was staying at my dad office waiting for my mom to come home together. even before I started my elementary school, I was accompany my mom at the school because no one will be a nursery for me except my mom.

While waiting for my parents to come home together, sitting in front of the computer makes my eyes have cylinder and minus after playing some games The Sims, Feeding Frenzy, and playing around Facebook and Instagram that still used until know since 2013 (4th grade in Elementary School I guess).

My curiousity over everything is discovered since then. I am playing all of the Facebook games by typing A-Z in my keyboard. I tried Google Ads and Facebook Ads even before I graduate from Elementary School. My life was so fine until a con-man came in and makes my mom paid the bank by herself that we even did not use it. My entrepreneurship spirit raise as I am happy to sell PocketBac and receive many purchase request.

Fun fact: I likes biology, get the minimum 80/100 score on the exam without prepare or re-learn it before and join science olimpiad became semifinalist. But, I hate english language and got 60 lmao. I also spend many hours to learn German language in a free-course. I am happy to have my Piano after many prayer.

Elementary School Science Olympiad


Discovering myself, in the junior high school, I am joining several school extras such as Paskibra (Bendera Pusaka Flag Hoisting Troop), and selected to participate in english olympiad. Then, I moved to other junior high school and start being their student council (OSIS) taking part in creative division. From photography, to crafting creative ideas is part of my journey. I join other programs outside the school that makes me learn from the older,

“Oh, I should have my CV and portfolio to get the job” then I work completely to achieve all of that in student council and start dreaming “After graduate from high-school later on, I will have my internship”.

I was confused in choosing SMA (high-school) or SMK (vocational school) due to I want to work too. Then I choose SMA (high school). I also join several campaign in beauty products and meet many influencers that helps inspire me to create content and not forget to mention I was happy to receive free merchandise haha. My entrepreneurship spirit still there, I am able to be the first and most popular distributor of snack from Bali up to more than 200 pieces sold in the ecommerce and many clients from university and snack store become mine. Do not expect anything,

I was bad at making my first CV too (here)

Joining campaign and brand event for the sake of merchandise turns out to meet inspiring people
Being active at the school


3 years in high-school is fast and furious during pandemic era, spending 1,5 with permission to leave the class because I join many competitions but still catch up with the task and get the 2nd rank in the class. and spend another 1,5 years online, I join many volunteering programs and conferences such as MUN and it helps me gain my confidence in english with the achievement of TOEFL PBT 510 without preparation as I was avoid English Debate Competition. Beside that, those programs boost my Portfolio and CV in this creative industry. The consistency in myself as I am mostly taking part in several creative process such as design, public relations, and social media handle in many organizations.

My dream of becoming International Relations student makes me aware of International things and diplomacy then I become delegate and now mentor for ASEAN Youth Interfaith Camp, and contribute myself to ASEAN-Australias Strategic Youth Partnership. In my age of 16, I started to build Watery Nation as my passion for environment and entrepereneur skill. After 2 years, it is legally build in Indonesia as social-enterprise in revolutionary eco-friendly detergent named Tirta Artha Internasional with the product and campaign of #BacktoLerak. With its journey, resulting to being the part of as Top 20 Jakbee Social Innovation Award 2021, Top 30 Ideathonesia 2021, Selected Temali Incubation, Ruang Merdeka Inspirasi by XL Future Leaders, Catalyst Changemaker Lab by Yayasan Anak Bangsa Bisa and SIAP, ASEAN Youth Organization Ambassador Program. But now, I am a Communications student and fell in love with this major.

I always believe that big things comes from small things, I am applying at the small start-up from Singapore contains less than 10 people. Work in english and WFA environment and kinda shock with the working environment because my age is quite young before I turn 17. While intern at this start-up, I was asked for permission during university entry-exam.

Finish up with the hustle experience, I join a new start-up too in Jakarta work-from-office full days and when the virus in the high state we still working at least three days coming to the office, I can not imagine how my body have those immune during those period without contaminate with COVID-19 by 6-months. During that period, I also took another Internship which viral in Indonesia “Lulus SMA Magang di 6 Tempat Bersamaan”. The next office, in FMCG industry, still WFO and WFH, for example this week WFO two-days then the next week will be three-days.

Finish my 3-months there to the next company, I join start-up again in WFA situation for 6-months with 3 extensions offers that is how the indicator of my work-quality raise up. and now working at Banking Industry. And joining incubation for Game studio. What a nice experience made in my last-teenage or 19. Working in 6+ industry (Start-up, FMCG, Game, NGO, Bank, Agency, and more) at 16+ companies makes me learn a lot of things and develop myself. All of my experience is in Marketing and creative related starting February 2021.

Side story: I was a YouTube creator while in elementary school, and post beauty things on Instagram. But I am not feeling like myself until when I was in the internship program I should create TikTok videos and I tried to create TikTok on my account, then it is go viral. That is how I found myself that I like education.

Things that I learn

With this feet, and the public transportation that I use everyday. I can say 3C (Consistency, Curiousity, Commitment) is my value of life like a company who has value in their house. Learning from many industry, is not makes me stop. My curiousity and intention to learn is still on fire as I believe we have lot of things in life and so the science has it too. I am keen to expand myself, and now learning technology development by myself and join bootcamp. Now, I am commit to be a Data-driven Marketer who analyse the Data and makes a data driven campaign.

Fun fact, I have the list of all subjects and curriculum in my university and I create a learning journey and map (see it here) and here for curriculum difference. Learning from many supervisor, and how the system and culture works at various industry makes me grow better than ever. Thanks for all my supervisor and I am assume myself has new hobby “like to learn”. another fun-fact is, wherever I go, I always analyze the campaign in various ads from the messgaes to the budget. Wow, my mind and soul is connected to marketing.



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