Hashtag Research, the new generated Keyword

Arfiana Maulina
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Based on my Marketing perspectives on humanity and social issue. Let us define why ‘Hashtag’ holds that much power.


Based on collinsdictionary.com “A campaign is a planned set of activities that people carry out over a period of time in order to achieve something such as social or political change.” in conclusion, if we combine with Marketing they will become “How campaign can drive, lead, set people to do some activities based on what we want”

AIDA Model
(source: Marketing Chiper)

In my opinion and based on professional work practice, the hashtag has its purpose to deliver the campaign in a very short understandable way as if when people asked “what is this?” the hashtag says it all. The important hashtags can be used as measurable tools in the campaign and how the public accepts and responds to them. for example, they can follow-remember-use that hashtag.

Successful Campaign

#ShareACoke by Coca-Cola, “Coca-Cola has seen its Facebook community grow by 3.5% and globally by 6.8%. The hashtag has also been used 29,000 times on Twitter (Brandwatch, 2013).”

To read:

Segmented, Targeting, Positioning

The first thing to do when talking about marketing is Research the Data and Empathize with your Target Audience. Use the 5W + 1H, at least answer the WHO, WHERE to define your target market or we segmented it as “Geographic, Demographic (Age, Race, etc), Behavior (Time-consume on phone, User Journey, etc), Psychographic (Interest, etc)” — READ

Or in general terms, it becomes an STP (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning), after talking about how segmented the target audience because we know that we can not deliver and understand everyone and our product is not for everyone. It should be STP to get the best-high impact such as loyal customers, repurchase, and word-of-mouth.

In targeting process, we categorize and make them in a few criteria. Perhaps the TAM (Total Addressable Market), SAM (Serviceable Available Market), and SOM (Serviceable Obtainable Market) can help get through this. If we talk about the economy there are Macro to Micro economies, as of now, I thought it would be the same for Marketing. There is a big market, and there is some rigorous product that fits customer needs and solves their problem or Value Proposition, Product Positioning.

Some notes from me, do you realize that we are the part of target audience and buyer persona. Do you happen to feel “relate” to other people? even wearing the same clothes and having the same taste? that also applied when we are talking about persona it is simple but not too simple yet wonderful how we should empathize with it and draw our life imagine or pretend to be them or the accurate part is to do your research then create the buyer or user persona.

Next, positioning. The key still, our product is not for everyone yet it is unique and has its own value. Intermezzo, do you see how a billboard in some places contains ads that belong to a place in a short radius or area? why they did not set the Out-of-Home advertising somewhere far away?

For me, there are two types of reasons, should keep in mind that Marketing contains Demographic including “where they live?” :

  • They want to drive people to the place, for example, the billboard is only 200m away to place A showing engaging-hook-attention grabber promotion. Sometimes, guessing this happens to retail or daily basic needs services to acquire people in that place.
  • Or, if the advertisement is far away from the place, for example, a realty company showcases its product in a mall. Whether they know that it is really close to their target audience. Because even mall has their target audience.

Map the position of your product by its value is super-helpful to determine alongside your target audience and prospects to activation ideas + the 7ps, 5ps, and other porters. All the campaigns and publications through the 360 models define many measured OKRs at least awareness. Conversion is expensive though is not impossible yet in Digital Marketing, how do you lead and convert people without expensive CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) using both organic and paid media.

Hashtags are more than words.

After explaining about campaign back and forth to STP, let me throw my ideas regarding hashtags. Other than the urgency to deliver messages with slightly a copywriting skill.

Determine and niche our target audience, for example, Content Marketing on the short videos platform (Tik Tok, Pinterest, Likee, Instagram Reels, etc) use hashtags to understand their audience and provide more niche content for them while on the other hand, content creator use this to gather and bring/transport their content to the target audience. This works as I receive many brand collaboration even though my followers is not that big and much, as long my content and audience is niche.

Talking about behavior, I found funny things other than the location feature on Instagram that determines Demographics and Behavior but also can be found on hashtags for example #SpaNewYork or #CoffeeShopJakarta while the search bar on social media is very multifunction with its time-sensitive User Generated Content and maybe more powerful than Search Engine Optimization because when you are in SEO, you would understand how white-hat SEO need a process to be on the top. This is also the same as Twitter.

Kill 2 birds with 1 stone. The comment section makes it easy to read how the user talk and act on some content, as a brand we can know this influencer's target audience, and the content creator know what their audience needs as simple as the offline way to conduct a communication process with emoji full of emotions and non-verbal communication. In the end, sometimes do you feel like social media is a place that understands you more? that is normal to happen because you more socialize with them, and the more algorithm read and understands you. Note that still, nothing can replace human heart and interaction while Social Interaction Process in Computer-Mediated Communication is not enough for Self-Actualization.

Written by Arfiana Maulina on 9th May 2022. A first-year communication student who works in the Marketing field as an Intern and Content Creator (@arfianamaulinaa on Instagram, Twitter, or Tik Tok, and technically everywhere). Thank You



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